The New Owners of Football Club Football Club – FOOTBALLKUB

In recent years football has been taken over by a new generation of mega rich owners; Russian billionaires, Arab sheiks and American businessmen all looking to change the face of the game. They are using their money to purchase clubs in a race to sign the best talent and win the biggest prizes in the world of football.

They also know how to use social media, advertising and a good PR team to help them get their name out there. They know the right people and can help them grow their brand to become one of the most famous teams in the world.

FootballKub have a passion for the sport which has been matched by a savvy business mind. They have created a network of relationships that go far beyond the traditional relationship between the fans and the team, they have created a web of intertwined roles and responsibilities within the club.

The new owners have also introduced a number of innovative technological solutions into the game which are sure to make it even more popular and interesting. For footballkub , they have partnered with blockchain technology to create a mobile application that allows fans to play real-life football challenges, collect coins and XP and trade officially licensed football items for 3D avatars!

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