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Henna or Mehendi is a form of body art that is drawn on the hands and feet using a paste made from powdered dried leaves of the mehendi plant (botanical name: Lawsonia inermis). It usually stain’s a beautiful cherry red to brown color and can be enhanced by adding coffee, tea, lemon, essential oils, etc. It has been used for both decorative and ritual purposes in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan for over 5,000 years.

It is a special and traditional way for Hindu women to mark the beginning of their married lives. It is applied during the various vratas or fasting ceremonies such as Karwa Chauth and also at weddings. Hindu brides usually decorate their palms and feet with intricate Mehendi designs. It is believed that if the groom can find his name within the patterns on the bride’s hand, then their conjugal life will be full of happiness and joy.

A day before the wedding, the bride-to-be and her female friends and family gather for the Mehendi ceremony. It is a fun, cheerful and highly-anticipated event. Mhandee is dressed up in her bridal lehenga and adorned with gold and diamond jewellery, while her hands, wrists and feet are decorated with beautiful Mehendi designs. Some of these designs include the names of Gods and Goddesses, which are believed to bring prosperity to the household.